Friday, May 26, 2006

aur bhi gam hain jamane main...

Reservation..reservation every where, where could anyone hide himself from the attack of these debate. Are yaar, aur bhi gam hain jamane main reservation ke siwa. Tell me one negative effect of mandal 1. we have seen much more debate, demonstration and frustration at that time and today after those reservation we are in more comfortable position then the generation of seventies(who hadn't seen such huge reservation but faced the real problem of unemployment). Though at that time vp singh had announce reservation for all jobs, today what arjun singh has declared is just part of those declaration. reservation in iim, iit and medical collages are not those issue which could effect the future of our country.
This is that time when we have to bother about foreign investors who are able to collapse our share market (so called life line of our rising economy) in even few hours. we have to discuss about the policies of investment. we should talk about wheat crop. since we have good crop of wheat this year government has exported wheat. we should talk about nuxalite problem which is spreading in about almost all eastern and south eastern India. we should talk about the man Babulal Miranda, being a politician he is doing a different type of job. he has left his party & membership of parliament. And he hasn't any desire to collapse the government of his competitor arjun munda. he has declared that at least six month he wants to work among people. wants to establish a regional political party and after that he wants to challenge government. This is the guts to oppose someone and create something. we have to discuss about Bihar panchayat election by which large number(50 percent) of female representative will selected and work for there panchayat for five years. This is also reservation and we haven't seen any politician(so called dirty) fighting against this. there is also reservation for sc/st and obc. this will left more(much-much) effect on future of our country.
That was the reason I myself felt unable to tolerate the silly angers & tears of cosmopolitan anti-reservationists. For me this is the game of arjun singh type politician and let them play with his co-politicians. There for let me pardon for my statement

aur bhi gam hain jamane main...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Doctors in road politics

It is astonishing fact that concept of mandal 1 was opposed by general mass of forward class, while concept of mandal 2 has opposed by ex. student of premier institute, those wouldn't get effected through this decision. Is it a normal kind of protest or purposely backed by some one to draw attention? Why a common young of general class is not on the road against this decision, whoes future is effected most through this decision.
And doctors are acting like sadak chhaap political workers. They don't know how to struggle, even they don't know what is good cause for struggle. Struggling for self interest is not struggling for right. U have words and u know how to argu. There is media which represent ur feelings (gave u much more space then pro reservation activists ). U could express ur feeling through dharna, anshan and pradarshan. Then why u r opting the way of hungamebaaji. By this u r only helping the motive of Arjun singh, who is always trying to mislead the mass. That couldn't expected from learned doctors (they became toy of arjun singh). If doctors r serious about international proposition of our country (as to be said ), at first they have to stop fighting on road. Actually they are being used by Arjun Singh and his team for their political purpose. This is not a movement which took place from mass. If u asked them why they are doing like this, they couldn't explain. Even they haven't any agenda, they have only logics, which they get through media. May be this is prestige issue for them. But this not the movement based on the question of their life and death. Institution of public sector is not our future, free market policy will find their way itself. If iim and iit will fail to give right kind of human resource some other institute would take place to fill the scarcity. If ur fighting for better India then this is totally confused movement and if u got charm through these activity then this will good picnic for u. Because as I think here arjun singh is the man who is fighting for both side. Through his announcement he wants to capture the attention of backward caste, try to irritate opposition and secured his place in government. And through anti-reservation movement he could show the world that though being a good heart, he is unable to implement his idea. We have seen mandal 1 and learned reservation couldn't able to stop merit. At present we have more meritorious person on top then at 1995. Reservation is that type of agenda which became stronger by every opposition, opposition is that sanjiwani by which reservation is alive after such a long period.
Though I am in fever of reservation. Because reservation is for social justice not for economical and any other type of inequality. What type of injustice had done by forward caste upon sc/st/obc and women, They have to pay for this. If government is giving them opportunity and other benefit that is only saving us from forward-backward conflict. If we don't give them these opportunity then we have to ready for conflict.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Burden of cruelty : Ek Chithara Sukh

Like many other things books has also there on time and situation, if that suits to reader its magic works. That is the reason I had left some books I first sitting and declared them boring. But after months and years when I took them it impress me. And that impression lasts long. With me this happen many times. For me Aag ka dariya was unrealistic drama, shekhar ek jeewani was story of self pity and jhootha sach a traditional story and I left all of them by reading 20 or 30 pages and when time rips for them and I read them they fascinate me totally.

Story of Ek chithara sukh (by Nirmal Verma) is something different. Just before 5 year I read this book till last page and it impress me a little. I had declared it an average book of Niramal Verma among my friends and the romantic We Din was my favorite. Now a days I am reading Ek chithara... again and feeling its actual magic. I could feel the helplessness of bitti when she asks to his cousin, 'agar main beemar hoon to?' (to rukoge na... ), bitterness of that girl (sister of darry),'we sirf apne aap ko dhokha dete hain'. I could feel the situation of darry who had worked in bihar for equality in his young days, everyone tries to recognize him through this label; but he wants to left his identity associated with young days. Bitti who has left his home and came to Delhi to do something and feels she had done nothing. A girl era who has left England and came India for her love nitti bhai and nitti bhai is married man with children. Bitti loves darry and for darry theater is single thing which he loves. All of them are helpless and loaded with burden of cruelty. They are engage in a drama and they meet with each other in its rehearsal. They love each other and harm too with the cruelty of their own failure. And munnu, the narrator watch them with a distance, who is cousin of bitti and living with her. He is seriously ill.

Though name of this novel is ek chithara sukh but it is about dukh. Here niramal verma wants to read the face of sorrow, as sister of darry says to munnu have u ever seen the face of dukh, when I see the face of ur cousin bitti I think this is actual face of dukh. After reading this novel ranking of nirmal verma rose in my view. Now I like to count him among dostoevasky, chekhov, kamoo and markhej. He was chekhov of our time. I want to read him again and again.

Monday, May 15, 2006

And he is eating roti with salt & water.

govindpur again

For local government of bhagalpur there is nothing behind the story of hunger & death. For them our newspaper is deliberately creating hungama.
kiran devi suicieded with her three child due to regular quarrel with his husband and she possessed bad character. And that story ends and what about mattu das, who died last day. collector saheb didn't need to say any thing on this issue. Some of our reporter went to govindpur and return beck some horrible story. There is a man brihaspati das, who has lost his both legs because he hasn't money for treatment and now he with his mentally disturbed wife and two daughter are living with almost no income. There is butel das who used to eat roti with salt-water. What about rojgar guaranty scheme, antyoday and annpoorna yojana and other beneficiary scheme. And what about that judgment of supreme court, in which he said- if there is a death from hunger, district government will responsible for this. Then who will responsible for govindpur.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Once again Govindpur

On 28th April I have written a post about suicide of a women and her three children of govindpur Bhagalpur. In that case our collector has declares that a case of family dispute and our doctors have proved she has some food grain in her belly. At that time I have written a story in my newspaper that may collector saves him by using his intelligent brain, but what could he do when there will another similar case took place. Because condition of govindpur is not normal, villagers are facing extreme degree of poverty. Many of them are use to sleeping for weeks with hunger. And I have to with deep sorrow that I have proved right one more person died last night due to hunger and there is a natural death. That means even after lots of 'hangaman' government has not taken any initiative for this. Here I want to recall the line of mark tulle.
Government is not solution of any problem, it is a problem itself.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Read my poems

This is first time that my poems has published on a literary magazine. This is a web based magazine Anubhuti. I want to share this with u. Please visit on -

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Poems of wislawa szymborska

This polish poet is very important for me. Her lines has changed my of thinking. She is so soft to touch and so pinning to ignore. Here is some of her lines, which i like most. It is in hindi translated by vijaya ahluwalia.

O wani, khafa na hona
ki maine tujhse udhar liye
chattano se bhari shabd
fir ta-jindagi unhe tarashti rahi
is koshish main
ki we paron se halke lagen.
Mera yakeen hai inkaar karne ki takat main
Mera yakeen hai kamyabi ka rasta chhodne walon main,
Mera yakeen hai barson ki barbad mehnat main.

Mera yakeen hai ek mahan khoj main
Mera yakeen hai us aadmi main jo yah khoj karega.
Beeti huyee muhabbaton, maaf karna mujhe
ki main har naye pyar ko
pahala pyar manti rahi;
apne gharon ko phoolon se sajaati rahi
jab ki door kahin morche aag ugal rahe the.
Barson se ris rahe ghawon se anjaan
main apni ungaliyon ki jara si chubhan se ro padi.
Ek din kisi ne yoon hi
baaton-baaton main le liya tha tumhara naam
aurmujhe laga kamare main gulab hi gulab khil uthe hon.
Agle din tum mere saath the
aur meri najar anayas ghari par pad rahi thi.
sare gulab na jane kab patthar ban gaye the.
Main nahi chahati ki laharon ka jhaag
mere ishare par ubhare aur doob jaye,
main nahi chahti ki jangle mere liye apne rang badale
--- kabhi hara, kabhi neela, kabhi bhoora hota chala jaye.

Main ji chuki hoon
Tumhare bin--- tumhare baad bhi.
itna jyada jee chuki hoon
ki door khade dekh sakoon
sab kuch ko
nirlipt aur nissang.
Jeev-jantu hamesha ochhi maut marte hain
Taki hamare man ki shanti bhang na ho
we swargwasi anhi hote, sirf mar jate hain.
we apne peechhe bahut chhoti si duniya.
Saugaat main kuch nahi milta
Jo bhi hai karj hai
sir se pairtak karj main doobe hain hum.
Apne astitwa ka karj chukana hai
swatwa dekar,
Jindagi ke liye jaan deni hogi.
Deh kee awmanna nahi hai
wah kewal neend main aayegi
jaise use aana chahiye
dabe pairon.

gulabon se bhi komal maut.

hamesha maun rahegi
pankhudi ke girane se bhi halaki
jab aayegi
tab tum sapana dekh rahe hoge
ki ab tumhe saans lene ki jaroorat nahi.
swasheen khamoshi andhere ka sangeet hai
bujhati huyee chingari ki lay ka hissa.
Badla kuch bhi nahi.
deh aaj bhi kaapti hai usi tarah
jaise kaapti thi
rome ke basne se pahle aur baad
isha ke bees sadi pahle aur baad
yatnayen wahi ki wahi hain
sirf dharati sikur gayi hai
kahin bhi kuch hota hai
to lagta hai hamare pados main hua hai.
hamne socha tha ki
akhirkaar khuda ko bhi
ek achchhe aur takatwar insan main
bharosa karna hoga
lekin afsos
is sadi main insan achchha aur takatwar
ek saath nahi ho saka.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Heroes or salesman

Sachin tendulkar
Amitabh bachchan
Mahendra singh dhoni
Sania mirja
Aishwarya rai
Sahrukh khan
Amir khan
virendra sehwag
irfan pathan

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shamshan Main Killol

(Laughter at funeral point)

Date- 28-29 April 2006
Time- 11 pm to 3 am

A mini bus reached at Manihari ghat (a famous funeral point of our region.) with one tata sumo and one bolero. A dead body was on the top of mini bus and three young man were also upon the top of bus. One of them was pushyamitra which is writing about this. That dead body was of his own paternal grand mother. We have reach there after 98 km long and tough journey. For me it was additional of around 100 km (distance between Bhagalpur and my village dhamdaha). A sad news, haphazard planning, lots of labor and ceremony of funeral and a dip at ganga in night. In general condition, anyone of us hasn't opt that. But we had to do all this and we were mentally prepared for that. But...

I have nothing to say about either my grand mother of her funeral process. Because there is nothing special in it for u. But, something I felt very special at that night. During whole funeral process all of us was in very jolly mood. Chatting, making jokes, teasing to someone, giggling and enjoying whole process. And we haven't any guilt for doing this where everyone expected to be serious and silent. Not even any old person had restricted us by doing this. I don't know but I felt we were not wrong.

Though, At that time this was not in my mind but it is very remarkable comment of famous writer nirmal verma upon death. Death is nothing but a process of unoccuping himself, by this any of ur relative wouldn't feel any sorrow by putting you on chita. Being 93 years old had she participated in this process or everything happens with her automatically I don't know. But anyone of us was not in deep sorrow for her.

Most important happenings of that night was the fearlessness among us. on that black night there was not a single man (even Dom) at that unknown ghat. we putted our feats several times on bones and residue of another dead body. we have also a dead body with us. But we have never thought about fear. Even after funeral when we had taken bath in that unknown river at 2 am. Where had gone that very familiar fear. And after that we had taken dinner at a hotel around one km from river bank after arousing hotel owner. And we said him that we were interested to cut his hand and take it to our village, because u have prepared a good meal. Actually he had prepared worst kind of food. I have proud on my villagers, because they have guts to share jokes with even ghosts.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hunger & Death & Collector sahib

Sorry. I am not in mood to talk sensibly after seeing the approach of a collector, who was among most intelligent man of our country. sometime I have said to some one - wisdom without sensitivity is more dangerous. Today I want to say it is most dangerous thing in the world. He (collector sahib) has wisdom and some good logics and many intelligent tricks and unlimited power. And today he has proved that I was right. He has proved about those four poor, one woman & its innocent three children hasn't made suicide due to hunger, his doctor get some grains in their belly. He has a paper in which he has taken thumb impression of the husband of that lady and signature of her elder son of nine years who has saved. In this paper there is written about the cause of death of that woman that she commited suicide due to reguler quarell between she and her husband. That angootha chhap man doesn't know what he did. Now he will proved accuse of compaling his wife to make suicide. He has to face the caseof attampt to murder. That is the brain. Say three chears for it.

Behind the screen of his magic there is a woman and her family whoes are hungry from last four day and that was there reguler practise. supreme court has declare in his decision that if any one died from hunger, govt will responsible for his killing. But they (collectors) have proved it in telangana, in kalahandi and now proving at Govindpur, Bhagalpur that if there is brain and power no one can touch his coller. sorry for every thing. i am not in good mood.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Being in the world of Ivan Turgenev

If u have never experienced love till now u should read turgenev at least to know what is love and how could any one feel being in love. This second hand experience will give u opportunity to talk on love.

If u have already experienced it u must read turgenev. By this u could recall ur days and feel what u have done in those days is not a matter of shame. Even heroes of the world had done some idiot type activities in love.

And if u think u are the expert of love then it is essential for u to read turgenev. This will give new horizon of love, lovers and losers.

But beware, if ur in love u shouldn't read his fictions. Because almost every story of turgenev ends with tragedy. And that may harm ur soft feelings.

Ultimately I have to say, for me turgenev is best writer of love stories. Though he had wrote a novel like fathers and sons based on nihilism and ideological conflict between father and son. On the eve, where he established that feeling of self devotion is superior then affection. Theme of Rudin is to depict a man of pseudo intellect. But plot of all his stories and novels are based on love. Specially his three short novels First love, Asya and Torrents of spring may counted among best love stories of the world.


When ever we are talking about best writer of world, we recalls Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor dostoyevasky, Anton chekhow, Albert kamoo, Gue the mopassa, Gabriela gorsier marques, Gate, Lu shun, Alexandra pushkin, Nicholayee gogol, Howard fast, Apton Sinclair, Frange Kafka and so on. We never counted turgenev among them. Actually Turnenev has not counted in even best writer of Russia in the crowed of Tolstoy, dostoyevasky, gogol, chekhow, pushkin, Gorky. He had always over shadowed by these names like rahul dravid of Indian team. But who has read couldn't forget his psychological depiction of plutonic love. Same as sharatchandra of bangle literature. Major difference of turgenev and his contemporary writer is where they said about what should be, he was always trying to say what is. That makes the whole difference.


For me this novel should counted best work of turgenev. Story of three young man (a careless artist, an intellectual and a freedom fighter) and one woman. All three men love that lady but she choose the freedom fighter who has given his life to free his mother land. She followed him and his path after his death. Feeling of self devotion in that woman touches the heart of reader. Though this may be hundred times repeated story for today, but when turgenev wrote this it would a new concept and beauty of this novel is not in storyline but style of depiction of Ivan sagreaye turgenev. Tussle of characters, their heart throwing emotion, different psychology of different characters and the way by which he had proved who is on the top is marvelous. It is not one time reading novel. I would like to read this every year.

Three love stories of his own life.


U can get these three story in single book by the name of First love. These are actually short novels of about hundred pages. All three stories are based on the life of ivan turgenev as he had written in his biography, These are peaces of my broken heart.

Asya is story of a girl who was daughter of novel man and a lady of servant class. There the novel man (man of upper class family) was Ivan turgenev himself, He was always trying to save asya from inferiority complexes of her birth. For this he let her apart from Russia. Same as in story asya was in Germany with his brother and fall in love with a man of Dhulmul character. When she proposed him, he had started teaching her about cruelty of world, though he was also in love with asya. After that asya refuse to meet him and left the country. Pasteurization of a girl with abnormality due to her birth and her willpower to refuse a man like that makes her an unforgettable character.

First love is story of a teen boy, his father and a glamorous young lady. This is a love triangle in which a boy infatuated with that lady but that lady is kept in love of his father. For that boy this was first experience of love, its magic and its cruelty. We could see the effect of these (magic & cruelty) on the soft body and soul of this boy. In Infatuation of first love he tries to give his life (he jumped from a very high wall) at the same time he also planned to kill the man who might be actual lover of that girl with a knife. He tries to hurt that girl but unable to do this but in front of her he admit to do every thing what she wants. When he knew the actual lover of that girl is his father he found him helpless. In this real story turgenev is that boy as he admitted.

Last and best among them is torrent of love. Love story of an unknown Italian confectionary owner sweet girl and a traveler Russian young man. Their love begins suddenly and in its flow that girl broke her engagement, but when everything settled the man leave him for an attractive lady who does even care him. The cruelty of sexual attraction becomes tragedy of love, though both were helpless and unable to do anything.

Rudin, Fathers and sons, A nest of novels are also readable novels.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Howard Fast - the angry man of world literature.

Today I have completed his novel American (1946), about those American who hasn't born in America. Hitting words, paragraphs concentrated with lots of anger and hatred, few heroes of enormous fighting spirit, their courage, their power of rejection, their single enemy money which is ruling over those week human beings which are called center of power in our days, their mass appeal.... they are almost same as in Spartacus, in My glorious brother and one other novel I couldn't recall it's name that is based on two revolutionaries of America had hanged without any genuine cause, only for satisfying the ego of American republic that they are right.

American as I mentioned is about those American citizen who hasn't born in American and treated like second class citizen. Central character of this novel is Ault geld a politician of America who wants to change the hippocracy of American democracy with the democratic tools but failed. Ault geld is a real character and was governor of an American province, though by born he was German. He had seen the character of American democratic power who had hanged four innocent union leader, because they were became harmful for their anti labor policies. Three union leader had still in jail, so he decided to grant mercy to them and in his mercy letter he declared them innocent and blamed some judges for biased judgment. This act of Ault geld create tempest among some very powerful men of America, there was some judges, factory owner, big politician and some power broker. They all stand against him and started digging his rout. But apart from his honesty he is not a kachcha khiladi of politics. As polish poet wissaw simborska's opinion a man with honesty and power. He had decided to fight against their hippocracy and produce the idea of using silver as new currency to solve the crisis of economic depression. His idea became very popular among labor of America and soon he was their hero. He worked harder and challenged the supreme power of country. He compaled his party to fight election on this issue. After seeing his popularity all industrialist joined together and used every thing to stop him. They threatened their labor by saying they will close their factory if Ault geld win, bankers were threatening them by sending summon to return all their loans, they were purchasing the vote by money and wine and Ault geld lost his fight. Novel is completed by the seen of his last journey, in which hundreds of thousand American was standing in winter rain fall to see the face of his leader at last. The whole description is showing the naked dance of money and power, their dirty games. Their argument which they were using to prove them right only shows their weakness of character. There is some socialist and anarchist whose media depict as rakshas, though they were very loving, humble and daring too. Even Ault geld was declared anarchist. Most important things of this novel I got is about the concept of freedom. Is freedom means the freedom of purchase, use and enjoy. How freedom of refusal of a person became harmful for power of money. Below the umbrella of money is there any possibility to grow the right to freedom. Money could makes powerful even a criminal, selfish, liar and dishonest man and he could purchase the power by his money. Even chair of president of America would purchased and freedom of common peoples hide below the cushion of chair of president. we are too living in such democracy.

Howard fast would given full marks for this novel. The way by which he has shown us the ugly face of democracy. In my view he is real angry man of world literature. His anger against wrong system flows in the heart of his reader. All communist and socialist has using his books as text book (particularly), though in letter days he left the communist party, like all sensitive writers. Though his fighting against wrong continued with same intensity. I think he wanted to prove fighting for worst is not bapauti of communist or socialist like his hero Ault geld.

Here I want to write few lines about his best creation Spartcus. It's about a slave living in roam. He was a gladiator and Romans were fond of gladiator fight. This was a different type of fight which ends only by the killing of one of fighter. U could think how killing of black gave enjoyment to Romans. At that time slaves were not treated like human they were an animal for them for their agricultural and domestic support. Even being naked in front of a slave women couldn't think bad. Beating and killing them was not counted among crime. They were private property of their owner. In this situation a slave gladiator spartacus started fighting for their freedom and soon it spread among whole slave community. Though their struggle failed and about 4000 slaves were hanged on crusader on a highway. Spartacus was also killed and their revolution almost failed, but story didn't end. Two man a politician and a warrior of rom were felt in love with wife of spartacus. Both of them were fight against spartacus and given credit to stop the revolution. But his wife the slave lady declared being a slave they could use her body but couldn't compale her to love with anyone. She could love with a single man in world that was spartacus and after his killing her capacity to love someone is also buried. Both of them were ready to spent their whole money for getting her affection but couldn't succeed. One of them were killed and another free her and made suicide. Best line of this novel I want to share with u is Living is the sole purpose of a slave, though living in any condition.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

In love with my home.

This all has started in probably may 2003 when I was at home and my mother had told me that they (my parents) are planning for my marriage. Though till now she is not succeeded in her plan, but that sentences broke my relation with my awargi. Before this I was in love with my awargi at Bhopal, Job is waste of time and energy for me, and money is also like unwanted weight on my pocket. At Bhopal I am with manish, trying to established a firm Sanwari (sathi in chhatisgarhi), for developmental communication support and working like a Halwaayi. when any ngo has any work for us they call us and we go and work for them. Rest of time is for drama, bahas, seminars, journey, masti, party, revolution and so on. And when I listen that sentence from my mother (she is serious and she has genuine region for this and I am unable to cross this) I had lost my sense completely and awaken whole night by thinking, aakhir ho hi gaya yeh. lekin ab kaam kaise chalega. After that when I reached at Bhopal talk with Manish left him there without thinking how he can manage all without me. fold my bedding and say by-by to Bhopal reached at Delhi and started job in a magazine. And start trying to forget the lines of akbar ilahabadi.
Ai mere ahbab kya kare numaya kargaye.
BA huye, nauker huye, pension mili aur mar gaye.
And I become servant. And by this affair with my home is started. I was forgetting my friends and start calling at home by twice in a week. Marriage of my sister became core issue. And I am taking leave for that purpose in search of a dulha. I toured in around whole koshi area and in many villages. In just few days I became expert marriage negotiator and even my relatives were appreciating about it. In between I joined amarujala at chandigarh and spent whole year 2004 there Manish had also there with me. Meanwhile keeda of old habit arouse many times and Manish left amarujala for starting a ngo in his own district Saharsa and I with bahana of my sisters marriage too left chandigarh and reached Bhagalpur.
Is tarah main apne mahboob ke aur kareeb aa gaya. Since January 2005 I have spent almost 100 days in my home. By the name of sisters marriage, one time illness and this and that and many more. Now my home is like bhoot bangla, because after marriage sister has gone Delhi. There is only maa and papa and their insecurity for me. In this period I got some job offers with handsome salary bur neither I nor my parents are interested for this. That means i am fully in capture of my beloved's magic. There is my family with lots of chacha, chachi, bhayee, bhabhi, bahan, bhateeja, bhateeji, their gapp, lafter and love. some times i am thinking i should left this job too and start a school at my village. That may happen some day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kiss of first rain drop...

upon thirsty lips of Bhagalpur's soil.

Even, I felt it's flavor upon my skin.

Nothing to say, nothing could said.

Monday, April 17, 2006

kj rao

May this name will unknown for non-biharis, but if u ask any bihari about this name, he will start like tape record any tell at least half an hour about him. For many of them he is super hero and for some he is villain. I am too among them. And for me he is undoubtedly hero. Not for what he had done for bihar, his style of working has also impressed me. Though, he is working like superman and looks media friendly too. But I couldn't find any hidden interest in his working. (I got opportunity to meet & talk with him thrice.)

Now some basic information about him, because for them who didn't know about him this will intolerable. During Bihar legislative assembly election feb.2005 KJ Rao (once in my newspaper information about his full name was published, but I can't able to remember this. waise bhi naam main kya rakha hai.) has appointed the adviser of chief election commissioner for supervising Bihar election. Before this he has experience of being adviser in Jammu Kashmir election and he was sent America for the presidential election of US, in which dubya bush has selected. He was full of experience though bihar was Bihar, here all experience of TN sheshan proved wrong and Jinn of votes has always changed the mandate. Present chief election commissioner BB Tandan has hooted by laloo, the so called mashiha of bihari pichhada. A man who has learnt to laugh at every serious matter as tactics of being in power and even in news. Though it shouldn't mentioned here for maintain impartiality. But this was an established truth at that time, by doing every exercise election commission can't change anything, Jinn of laloo has to work and laloo too has announced that this is not election, this is just renewal of rabari regime. Interestingly that was the time when I returned to my native state Bihar after 6 and half year of migration for study and job. There isn't any hope and all that was in air was just frustration of being a citizen who couldn't change an unwanted regime. Laloo has won with majority in last mp election with the help of ramvilas paswaan's lok jan shaktiparti and congress (I). It was better option for us to support laloo by the name of communal harmony and socialism. We are in option less and some how guiltless state and used to facing comments from outsider that Bihar is this, Bihar is that. But during my first month at Hindustan bhagalpur, I listen the words voterlist verification, voter id for all, transfer of many ias and ips and laloo has caught red handed by circulated money between voters. In these thing there is essence of honesty somewhere that caught in our eyes. Continued....

Friday, April 14, 2006

Reservation is not insult.

When debate upon reservation in iim and iit has started I don't care this. Because this issue is not of our interest. In my view only few hundred meritorious and economically wealthy student may effected from this. But when I have read a blog of my friend and her way of expression I can't control me to comment on it. After mandal commission's violent movement and new wave of thinking which is coming through globalization I used to think now we the youth of India becomes more open minded, flexible and liberal. But I proved wrong, not only from this blog but some comments of another youths upon this write-up. After that I got a mail of online petition form from some organization who wants to stop this decision. They all wants to declare that reservation is insult and tries to demoralize them (reservation seeker) and call them to fight for their right without reservation's support. This old argument is might sound wonderful, but actually furious too. By this any one could prove better argumentative but after deep observation u can find this is not for solution. Therefore I compelled to write this.
Before writing how reservation is not treated as insult, I would like to prove not only those caste has getting the benefit of reservation u, we and other are/were also getting some other types of reservation. A student of iit, iim other engeeniering or medical collage has got the benefit to read a unique type of study on governments fund. Why alone they should get these benefits why didn't a labor working in my field, because they have proved they are merit to be read there. Does u think being meritorious is enough right to study one the cost of country. Hasn't that labor's right upon that fund which used for ur study. U can say this labor hasn't paid taxes, but a man who is paying heavy tax he too doesn't claim to study in these institution unless he hasn't qualified the entrance test. Therefore in this case meritorious persons have the reservation to read in premier institute of our country on the expense of our government or in other words money of all Indians, though we doesn't compel him or her to work for us in subsidized salary, even they are free to work for other countries and free to change their citizenship too (after this they shell free from our taxation too). Isn't it a different type of reservation? Now some other examples- we are using cooking gas and railway journey on subsidies rate. Isn't that also another type of reservation? Doctors are getting premier lands on subsidies rate from government on the name of trust and social work and what they are doing there is not hidden. Even my newspaper has got lands in many cities almost free on the name of social awareness and used to say journalism is not charity work it is a business, we have to sale news. Therefore we haven't right to say them that reservation is insult. If we all has not insulted upon this then why those socially challenged caste.

In this world there is single law, survival of the fittest. Though many of us who needs and cries for reservation, because they are not fit to fight with general mass. Sc-St, backward caste & Physically challenged persons cries for reservation in study, jobs and beneficial plans for government, because they are not capable to face competition with general mass for jobs and studies where seats are limited. They are not even capable to argue the govt to give reservation to them. There are intellectuals and politicians who have always presented the idea of reservation for them. If u wants to argue with them, they couldn't able to say any thing in their favor. And we the traditional intellectual and tradition elite always succeed to prove them and the idea of reservation wrong. Though intention of arjun singh behind this is not hidden, he is that man who always trying to create controversy. But this doesn't means his idea of reservation should hooted by we so called intellectuals like this. He has just proposed the plan to sit some of underprivileged casts student with them, for this he is agree to raise the number of seats. But we have problem to sit and read with student of less merit. He or she may destroy the environment of our classroom or prestige of our institution.
Now, I would like to say something about the term socially challenged, because they demand equal competition. Have u ever seen a race where male and female running in same track or a physically challenged person running with normal? U should treat all sc-st like this. Those are the plant which nourished in shadow of our atrocity, they are underdeveloped. So we have to give some privilege to develop them. Just like u have seen the plant of pumpkin, that is always supported by something to rise. Cast level atrocity is our historical fault, though we didn't deliberately to harm them. Our intention was not wrong, but we get totally negative result. Therefore it is our duty to correct this fault seriously. Just like if one of our brother or sister left underdeveloped we tries to care him/her a lot. We don't apply there the term equal competition. Equally we (the male) should treat with females too, because they were also the result of our historical fault. In our history we had categoriser casts and sex and drew lakshman rekhas for them, then how could we say they have to run with us equally? If they forget how to run, this is not their fault.

Even creamy layer of these caste have right to use reservation, because a man of below poverty line of upper caste have better opportunity then them. Because they are genetically fertile. They have tradition of success. They have much more links of their relatives. That is the reason that we have seen many examples of success from poorest family of upper class. Like son/daughter of an agricultural labor become ias and ips. And, here it should clear that ultimately we are not giving reservation for equal opportunity. Concept behind caste-based reservation is to support them who are historically challenged. I am fully against reservation of poor. Class is not serious matter in India. Here is opportunity for every-one to cross class barrier and we have seen many examples, like Ambani, Subrat Roy of Sahara and many more. But crossing caste barrier is almost impossible for about 90% of Indians. I have seen them, they doesn't dare to sit with us on chair. We can easily compel them to it our joothan. Some of my villagers are laughing on them, that they are using fullpant, shirt and belt after returning from panjab (where they are migrating seasonally). Even I have listen from my colleagues not only in Bihar, but from mp, Delhi, AP, Gujarat, Punjab, up too murmuring about how they are trying to be smart. Even I had seen in a village of AP Dist rangareddy (which is not so far from hyderabad) people from lower caste always touching the feet of upper caste, even they are small children. If one of them becomes ias how could he change his mantle status in just one break. For this they have to live in this circumstance for generation.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

shahar dar shahar- Delhi

Jisme laakhon baras ki hooren hoon, aisi jannat ka kya kare koi.- mirja galib

For me Delhi is an old ages glamour queen, with heavy makeup on her face but wrinkles looking very clear. Many of us goes there with lots of enthusiasm and when faces its reality return back very soon saying that this town is not of my type. I am also among them. Was there in two intervals. First in 1995-96 for preparing of engineering entrance exam, spent whole year in reading novels of baheriyawala thalla library near inderpuri. And in second term (may2003- dec 2003) was working in a magazine Lokayat. Residing in noida and eastern Delhi. Around two years of time what i have observed about delhi, i tries to write in three chapters- bus route, 3d and metro's food.

Bus route

If u r from middle class and decieded to live in delhi, be prepared to spent one sixth of ur life in bus route of delhi. If u are office goer and ur office is around 10 km from ur house, u will have to spent approx 2 hour in morning and 2 in evening on bus.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aapke shahar main, aapke beech rahate, aapke liye.

A bold & beautiful poem of santhali poet nirmala putul.

( I wrote this Hindi poem in roman. If u have any difficulties, please convey me through comment. Thanks )

Kitani ajeeb baat hai
Ki ek aise samay main.
Jab hum apani un bahano ko Dhoondhne
aapke shahar aaye hain. Jo
ab tak wapas nahi lauti
aur aap hain ki hamase pooch rahe hain
ki hamane kisi se prem kiya hai ya nahi.

Main batana chahti hoon.
unke intejaar main pathara jayee boodhi maa ki aankho ka haal.
Aur aap hain ki meri aankhon ki prashansha main
muhaware gadh rahe hain.

Main apne ilaake ki un gum ho gayi ladkiyon ko
Dhoondhna chahti hoon/ pahunchna chahati hoon un logon tak
Samajhna chahati hoon unke jeewan
aur dincharya ka ganit
dekhana chahati hoon ki uske bheetar
kitna bacha hain hamara Jharkhand
kitani bachi hai uski bhasha main
santhal pargana ki mati ki gandh.
aur thori bhi apne gaon ghar
vapas lautne ki gunjayish
bachi hai unki aankhon main ya nahi
dekhna chahti hoon main.

Main un logon tak pahunchne main aapki madad chahti hoon.
aur aap hain ki hum tak pahunchne ke raaste bana rahe hain,
anchahe hum par chhote-chhote ehsaan thopkar.
mujhe yaad hai
maine jab bhi is mudde par aapse baat ki
batana chaha apne gaon ghar samuday ka haal
jangal pahadon ki charcha ki
gum ho gayi ladkiyon ke pata thikane ke baare main poochha
aapne baaton ko saleeke se
meri vyaktigat jindagi ki or mor diya
aur ul-julool sawal kiye.

Mujhse ummeed na karen
ki main aapke shano-saukat ke aakarshan main bandhkar
aapke chamakte chehare ka gungaan karungi.
aur kho jaaungi aapke baat karne ke andaaj main is kadar
ki jisame gum ho jayega
bhookh-beemari-shoshan se ladte-marte logon ke mudde par
gaon-gaon main bhatak kar kaam kar rahe
mere dost ka thaka-hara chehra
mujhse ummeed na karen.
main apne ilake ke sookhe aur akaal ki
charcha karna chahti hoon aapse
bhookh-beemari se larte-marte mangroo, budhwa aur
ilaaj ke paise ke liye raashan kard girwi rakhne waale
samaru pahariya ki baat karna chahti hoon.
jar khakar jinda santhaalon
aur choohe pakakar kha rahe bhookhe nange
pahariya bachchon ki baat karna chahti hoon.

uttar pradesh ke ek janpad main paanch hajaar main biki
satrah varshiya sonamani hansda ki baat karna chahti hoon main.
main baat karna chahti hoon hi
hijala mela dekhkar wapas ghar laut rahi
melcho murmoo ke saath huyee samoohik balatkaar ki
aur us foolmain besara ki bhi
jo naukri ki aas main
ek swayamsewi sanstha ke
pachas varsiya pramukh ke haath
lagataar teen saal tak
yaun shoshan ka shikaar hoti rahi.

main baat karna chahti hoon
apne us gaon ki jahan aaj tak bijali nahi pahunchi
sadken nahi pahunchi
aur to aur jahan ki mahilayen aaj bhi kos bhar door
jharano se paani dho kar laati hain
aur jinke bachche bagali ke naam par
varshon se mahajano ke paas girwi pade hain.

par afshosh!
aapko meri baaton main dilchaspi kam
aur mujhme jyada hai.
yah mat bhooliye ki main
jharkhand ke maanchitra par
santhal pargana ka chehara hoon.
meri aankhon main ujarte jangalon ka biyawaan drishy hai,
palayan kar rahe loogon ki bheer hai
maleriya kalajaar se marte logon ke chehre hain
jangali haathiyon ke utpaat ki dhahasat hai
bhookh se huyi mauton ke mudde par larte logon par
pulisiya julm ka aatank hai.

mere liye dil
jang laga hua taala hai
aur prem pyar jaise shabd
jindagi ki bhaag daur main gum ho gayi chabhi.

aapke lawn ki hari makhmali ghaas nahi hai meri deh
dumka ki mitti se bane jharkhand ka pathaar hoon main
jangal paharon main khilane wala jangali fool hoon
jo aapke mahal ke gamlon main nahi saaj sakta.
mujhe wapas lautana hai apne desh
aur us pahari par khilana hai
jahan baith baansuri bajata koyee mera intejaar kar raha hai

apne dost ke paas wapas lautna hai mujhe
jiske vishwas aur sambal ne mujhe
yahan tak pahuchne ka raasta diya.
us sohagini aur kamoli tudu ke liye wapas lautna hai hame
jiske bheetar apni betiyon ke wapas lautne ki ummed bachi hai.
mere wapas lautkar khabar lane tak.
apni maa ke liye wapas lautna hai mujhe
jiski aankhon main maya ki tarah
mere bhi gum ho jane ki aashanka bani hai.

main is kaam main aapki madad chahati hoon
sahayog ki apeksha rakhati hoon
lekin is shart par nahi ki main aapme dilchaspi loon.

mujhe wapas lautna hai
un boodhi pathrayi aankhon main ummeed ki roshani bankar
bhookh beemari shoshan atyachaar ke khilaaf morchabandi kar
lar rahe logon ka hausala ban kar
thak haar kar niraash chuppi sadhe baithi
luish murmoo ki aawaj ban kar

apne dost ki raksha ki khatir
wapas lautna hai mujhe/ wapas lautna hai

isliye mujhse ummeed na karein
ki main aapki shano shaukat ke aakarshan main bandhkar
aapke chmakte chehare aur meethi baaton main dilchaspi loongi.
mujhse ummeed na karein.

courtsy- jansatta sabrang, 20 feb 2005.

Shahar Dar Shahar - Bhagalpur

I hate this city, though I am here because of my job. Because my home is on 5 hour run from here and in bihar this is best option for me to work here. Therefore I am tolerating this town since January 2005. Several times I decided that I have to leave this town today, perches a ticket for mumbai or Delhi or Bhopal and leave this city. During one year and three months I didn't spent any evening here (my office time is 6 to 2 at night). If have one day leave I opted to go my home. But I am here. Though this city gave me a lot to work. Here I had worked in around every field of journalism, reporting, editing, on general desk, page one making, being city incharge for three day, election coverage for two times, field reporting, magazine making. And for this I am grateful to this town, but I am unable to tolerate this town. Their chhapas, non-stop talking, selfish and coward people. Though I am here and writing about this town, because I know a lot about this town. About silk, dolphin, many popular kands and non-stop talking; chhapas and coward bhagalpurias.


Like Banaras and Banglore, Bhagalpur is also silk city. And these three b's are main producer of silk in India. Banglore & Banaras is famous for malwari silk and Bhagalpur is known for its tusser silk. Basically like Banaras Bhagalpur is also weaving centre. In its nathnagar and champanagar area u can find around 25 thousand weavers. If u will go there u can hear sound of around 1000 generators dhon..dhon..dhon..dhon. And Khat..khut..khat..khut of their powerlooms. U will astonish to know that here isn't any silk production factory. Silk cloth is preparing here in small houses of poor weavers. Why? Because this arrangements suits to local silk entrepreneur. Because government has categorized silk production as handloom industries for development of silk weavers and restrict silk production on powerloom. In this situation if any entrepreneur weave silk in powerloom in his factory he will punish. So, they are compaling weavers to prepare silk cloth in their own house and become safe. Along with through handloom categorization they (entrepreneur) get tax-free income. May this situation confuse u so let me explain the system of silk production in Bhagalpur.

Similar to bidi udyog in silk cloth production there is three bodies. First entrepreneur, second master weaver and third weaver. Endeavourer gets order either overseas or from national exporter, with design. Perches threads and distribute it in master weavers (middle man) from production. With master weaver he finalize the rate of production on per meter basis. This will between 8 rs. to 40 rs (according to Quality & verity). Per meter. After that master weaver distribute the thread between weavers and weaver prepare the cloth on his on powerloom and at the cost of generator (situation of electricity supply in bhagalpur is worst, and in nathnagar it will only 3 or 4 hour per day.). With the help of one powerloom 4 weaver can weave 30 to 60 meter per day (according to Quality & verity) and for this they should bear the cost of generator around 250-300 rs per day. In these situation a weaver can get less then 40 rs per day, just for their survival. If an entrepreneur tries to weave silk in his factory he should bear the cost of generator and give weaver their minimum wedges and that's all doesn't give him any profit. So they are playing the game on the head of poor and helpless weavers.

Now about the economics of silk entrepreneurship. About 75 percent of silk thread used in Bhagalpur is coming from china and Korea. Because Indian thread are so soft that on the powerloom it breaks much frequently and by this speed of production becomes much slow. But quality of Indian silk is far better then chines and Korean. On handloom this gives very fine quality. Difference between Indian and chines silk is that chines silk shine when it is new and Indian shines when become older. Indian silk thread is more costly then chines and Korean (around 400 per kg). There for professionalism has compailed silk entrepreneur to use chines and Korean silk for heavy production and more profit. And in Bhagalpur lots of chines and Korean silk enter by smuggling through the way of Nepal. And for this they had distorted the traditional local manufacturing of Indian tusser in santhal region. Now a day an ngo is trying to establish this in deoghar and katoriya (Banka). Smuggling silk thread has developed crime in this region. And in around two or three months one entrepreneur killed in this ugly business.

Why bhagalpuri tusser? Bhagalpuri tusser is famous in world for furnishing items like sofa cover, parda and some times wall pesting to. Climate of Bhagalpur is superb for weaving because of humidity present here. In other centre they have to flow vapor artificially in between powerlooms. This is whole reason for developing Bhagalpur as weaver city from ancient time. But now a day's handloom becomes outdated and situation of electricity is not supporting weavers. There for, migration of weavers had started in late nineties. And abour 3 or 4 thousand weaver are working in merut and mumbai and in even banglore too. Here is an institute of silk technology, where B.E. in silk technology was a course. But due to local politics this institute has closed in 90. After long fight by local ex. mp ramji singh course in this institute starts last year, but this is only one year diploma course. U will astonish to know that ex.student of this institute is working in menchester presently. Two spun mill was also here for yarn (thread) production. Those are also closed due to same reason. Around two lacks of people of this town are depended on silk enterprenurship, but insensitive approach of them for their own profession doesn't need to describe.

From here silk cloths of around 350 crore is produced per year for export, but this city couldn't get one paisa tax from this. Because whole silk item has exported from kolkata and some other big city. Because here isn't any airport and other basic aminities for export and bhagalpuris are not much interested to develop this anyway.


I have to say this chapter Ganga & dolphin. But i am writing here only on dolphin, because in my view dolphin has gutts to feed whole Bhagalpur city. If u have confused to read dolphin and bhagalpur together that is not ur fault, that is the fault of government, administration, local representatives and bhagalpuri janta too. Because many of them doesn't know till now that in Bhagalpur there is a dolphin sanctuary. Near the office of forest dipartment there is two or three signboard in which they had wrote about any dolphin aashrayni in Ganga River between kahalgaon to sultanganj, thanks to Dr.sunil chaudhary and his colleague for clearifing that this aashrayani is actually senctuary. And it is well known fact that what goverment has doing for this water senctuay. Here fishing through net is as usual, planting beside river and on island (diyara) is also usual, every year lots of pratima (kali, durga, saraswati, vishahara, vishwakarma) has dipped in ganga with religious faith and around three or four months we gat a dead body of dolphin.

Last year, in botony Department of Bhagalpur University Dr. chaudhary has organised a seminaar on some issue related to bio diversity. In this seminaar he has invited some expert from America and newzeeland. Both of them had astonished to know about the dolphin senctuary and the number of dolphin present in this senctuary. On ane day trip in senctuary area they pointed some ideas for developing this senctuary like a tourist place. They said about dolphin musium in kathmandu and how much revenue they got from this, suggested about dolphin spot, from where any one can see the dolphin flying on the surface of ganga by the help of teliscope, about selling the picture of dolphin too. They also said about those europians who can spent thousand dollers to see dolphin's flying. But every one of us were aware from this fact that it can't possible here for around a decade.

read more about it on this link


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Starting of music in bollywood

Though some intellectual think, nach-gana in bollwood films makes it non-serious. But a common Indian viewer can't imagine a bollywood film without song and dance. Super hit director karan johar says confidently, why we follow the trand of Hollywood. Song and dance is in our culture. From Sanskrit natak to Parsi theater, there is a tradition of song and dance. Here is some facts abot how songs are started in bollywood.

First talking film ALAM ARA is also our first musical.
First singer of bollywood was WM khan (wajeer muhammad khan) in Alam ara, and first song is 'de de khuda ke naam.'
First female singer of bollywood was Miss jubaida. Her first song was 'Badala dilwayega' from Alam ara.
First music directors (also from alam ara) were firojshah mistry and B irani. Hence the tradition of music director couple was also started from alam ara.
Record of Alam ara and around 44 films released between '31 to '34 is not available. The first available record of bollywood was of chandidas. Songs of femous KL sehgal was in this record.
In 1982 Miss jubaida has sing two lines of his first song of Alam ara during a program. That was available.
Due to popularity of talking and singing cinema Dramma companies of India was totally collepsed. Father of grate lata mangesker, dinanath mangesker was also victim of singing & talking cinema. And now his daughter lata is rulling on singing & talking bollywood.

Courtsy- Rajkumar keshwani. Kathachitra, March 2003.

darkakar darpan chale gaye

Jamane ne kaha to maine bhi maan liya tha ki wah manohar shyam joshi ek genius the. lekin outlook padhane ke baad pata chala ki ussa bada gair jimmendar writer koi aur nahi tha. are ye bhi koi baat huyee ki char-char upanayas adhoora chod kar chale gaye. usme bhi ek to 350 page tak likha hua tha. ye bhi koi tareeka hai. marne se pahale is nibta jate to kya hota. har kaam organised tareeke se hona chahiye saheb. ab batao un adhuri kitabon ka kya hoga. are buddhe agar tumhe samajh main aa raha tha ki marane wale ho to upanyas suru harane ki kya jaroorat thi, wo bhi ek saath char-char.
aur marne se pahale tumne notice bhi nahi diya. ek baar bhi khabar nahi chhapi ki tum aspatal ja rahe ho. pata chalta to hum no dues karwane pahunch jate. magar chupake se aisi hadbadi main bhage, jaise kisi ka kuch le kar bhag rahe ho. this in not fair buddhe. dekhana tumhara bhi whi hoga, log tumhari maut par royenge bhi nahi. theek waise hi jaise tum apne upanyas main kisi maut ko do line main nibta kar aage badh jate the. aur apna hisab to main poora kar hi loonga. tumhe bhare churahe par galiyan de de kar.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

ten minuts for narmada protest

give only ten minuts from ur valuable time. read this article Narmada protest : a Quick guide on and think for it. because ur thinking is also valuable.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

shahar dar shahar - bhopal

Whenever I think about a town for me that will bhopal.
Whenever I imaging about a town ideal in the world that will Bhopal.
This is the town, which was created through the peaces of my dream.
This is the town, which is flowing in me in shape of my attitude.


City of lakes, artists, activists and batolebaaj too. I am trying to write about all of them separately.


I am always trying to find out why Bhopali need that much lakes for them. Nighter for drinking water nor for bath. Not a single lake is/was using for religious purpose. Even they are not showing interest to use these lakes for suicidal purpose. Then why, just for sitting on the bank and staring movement of water, rays of sunlight and murmuring. Isn't this ridiculous. And they have engaged in this romantic fashion since the era of raja bhoj. Raja bhoj had prepared the Bada talab for this bhojpal or Bhopal nagari in pre medieval age. That talab was covering around 35-40 km of area at that time and between this lake a market was established on an island called mandideep. Today that mandideep is an industrial area of Bhopal with same name. And bada talab shrinks, limit to only one or two km radius. Since it is very big and bhopali's are calling it bada talab and some of them calling it badi jheel adding some delicacy in its name.
Every evening this lake turned into a mela with local tourist and khomchawala, thelawala, ghorewala, ice-cream, popcorn, chat, lovers, newly wed pairs, families and some manchalas too. On Sunday this mela get bigger shape and we generally avoid going there that day except that day when we were in mood of masti & hangamabaaji. Along with all these glamour I was not much fascinated with that bada talab or badi jheel. In Bhopal my favorite lake is Shahpura Lake. During 5 years I spent there I used to residing near that lake. Smaller then bada talab and its glamour, low profile but more beautiful and easily accessible. There were many memorable evening I spent there with my friends sitting on the chair made by stone, smoking and talking, and sometime in deep silent, sometime with laughter, sometime weeping too. Though today I can't recall any incident but can't forget that feeling which I get there. Some time I used to go there alone, sit there and ... that was the process like scandisk of computer. Always after returning from there I felt myself free from every confusion, sorrow and depression. Some time I went there for morning walk I do exercises and sit and observe the activity of other peoples. There was a laughter club too and I was their regular viewer. In 2002 or 03 around one month I went there with indu my friend (both of us are extra healthy). During those days we were always fighting for non-seriousness of each other. But that unnatural exercise last very soon. In 2003 when I left Bhopal she started going there with ajit and now he is her husband. Main ise bhi jheel maiya ki kripa hi manta hoon.
One feature of Shahpura Lake also fascinates me. This lake changes it's color several times, according to weather and temperature. Some time it looks aerial blue, some time deep green and some time brown. At left side of this lake there is a small mountain, and few decorated bungalow were built upon that. The whole scenario creates a marvelous picture. Once we were there for photography practical, I had tried a lot to capture it's magic but failed. Now-a-days Shahpura Lake becomes more decorated. There are some gardens, a footpath surrounding the bank of lake and some boats too. Govt is planning to develop this lake for commercial purpose. There will be a day when this lake wouldn't satisfy my feeling, though it earns much more revenue for Bhopalis.

One thing of these lakes I didn't like. There is not such sitting arrangement where we can sit and play with its water. Even put our legs in it. I got this facility at Chandigarh's sukhna lake. I always wet myself there, put my legs in water and sit for hours, observing the magic of clouds upon kalka pahari.

I also like to visit at kaliyasot dam. At first I went there with all my class met. Smruti who was living at shahpura invited us. She had brought breakfast for us in huge amount and I eat everything. After that I went there many more times with Manish, Jayant, Indu, Rupesh, Ravi and my other friends. Running on the bank of that dam, I really enjoyed.


If a newcomer will go through professor colony of Bhopal he will astonish to hear the sound of dhol and ghungharu at every fifty meter. Some time he will see a group sitting at ground and reading a book loudly. Some time he may see the gang of three or four persons with long bushy beard, kurta, jhola and chappal. They are artist, not only amateur but professionals too. They may be associated with any theater group or paid artist of Bharat bhawan or little ballet troop or any other academy. Not only in this area u can find a theater group in Bhopal in almost every street. The tradition set by Sarad joshi (satirist) and giving shape by Ashok bajpayi (poet), Bv karant(theater diractor) and j swaminathan(painter) made Bhopal a city of artist. Usually in every evening u can enjoy a play at Bhopal and all major theaters were always booked on Sunday for drama or any musical show. Magic of these theaters was so strong that there was always a chance for u to involve in a play and became theater artist. This happens not only with me but around every student of makhanlal chaturvedi university of journalism (where I was studying). They had participated at least once in theater. With me these were started from the play saari raat. Our registrar sachchidanand joshi and his wife malwika joshi had participated in this play as lead cast. They invited us. It was on oct. 1998 probably. Though before this I had seen a play biwiyon ka madarsa at Bharat bhawan. But that play didn't attract me. Saari raat is written by Badal sarkar, is story of three persons, husband-wife and an old man. In a rainy night husband and wife stayed at old men's home. Where the lady realized that the old man who given them shelter is perfect match for her and through the poetic journey of love both of them forget reality of their life, but reality was there in the face of her husband.
This play had changed my life. After some day with my theater loving school met Pashupati (he was there with me studying in another course) and some other friends we had started a theater group DASTAK. Till 2003 we had played around 30 plays in the banner of this group. And during just few shows we had captured the attention of the city. ramsajeevan ki prem katha, madare watan, ek ladaki paanch deewane, aadhe adhure samay main, media mursia, nathuram godse aao baten karen was our representative plays. It was probably result of our group that Ravi bhusan bharti had joined ftti and debarati majumdaar joined national school of dramas.
At that time Bhopal had some brilliant theater directors of country like Habib tanweer and Bansi kaul. Sachchidanand joshi, Rajkamal nayak, Sanjay mehta, Alok chatarji, Vibha mishra, Ashok bulani was also well renowned. I had never seen in my life an actor like Alok chatarji and Sanjay mehta. Though they had given their life for theater and never thought about films.
In bhoapl u can get poets and storywriter too. Few example of these are Rajesh joshi, Manjoor ehtesham, Satyen kumar, Udayan vajpayi, Basheer badr, Ramesh chandra shah, Hari bhatnagar, Nawal shukla, Vijay bahadur singh, Narendra jain, Santosh chaube, Sudheer ranjan singh. And there were lots of function taking place. Though reading was my old hobby but this city had taught me how to read and what. Personally Manjoor ehtesham writer of famous sukha bargad guided me a lot. I had done a record interview of him of around seven hours and both of us didn't ready to close this at that time. There is the old ballet man prabhat ganguly and women gul bhardhan. Both are over 80 but always ready for show. Gajal singer like ashma mannan and kawwli singer like shakeela bano bhopali.


I have some rare friends in Bhopal. If I call them to attend my marriage ceremony he may refuse with explanation that he has lots of work on that day. But if I'll call them to support in a fight for good cause he will reach here by next train. (Un) fortunately, I am also among them. They are professional as well as non-professional too. Many of them are working in some non-governmental organization and in some activist groups like Eklavya, Samarthan, Bachpan, Casp-plan, Samawesh, Abhivakti, Action-Aid, Card, Debate, Taal. My own brother chandan and two of my friend abhishek & ravi has also regulating a group Sangwari (a communication resource Center for developmental support).
Not only my friends are engage in activism. Bhopal has a tradition of activism. As I think this all has started during that cruel incident of Bhopal gas tragedy of 3rd Dec 1984. The Bhopal Disaster of 1984 is claimed by many as the worst industrial disaster in history. It was caused by the accidental release of 40 tunes of methyl isocyanides (MIC) from a Union Carbide India, Limited (UCIL, now known as Eveready Industries India, Limited) pesticide plant located in the heart of the city of Bhopal, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. UCIL was a joint venture between Union Carbide and a consortium of Indian investors.
In the early hours of December 3, 1984, a holding tank with stored MIC overheated and released toxic heavier-than-air MIC gas, which rolled along the ground through the surrounding streets killing thousands outright. The transportation system in the city collapsed and many people were trampled trying to escape. The gases also injured anywhere from 150,000 to 600,000 people, at least 15,000 of whom later died. Till today in the wallet of my friend manish a card is presurved "bhulenge nahin Bhopal". that is the symbol of that disaster. During fighting for their victims bhopalis had learned activism and now activism is in the blood of common bhopali intellectual. Either they are participating in any activism or giving economical support for them regularly from their salary. Narmda bachalo andolan and several other andolan for giving right to adivashi on jal, jangle and jameen are regulating through physical, mental and economical support of bhopalis.
Though number of activist in bhopal is raised throgh outsider non-Bhopal's. But we must know that they are learning activism from the cultural tradition of bhopal.


Actually I have to start this chapter with two-jhannatedar gaali and in every line of this chapter there should be at least two gaali like makada, bahenkda. Excuse me, if u can't bear this; because traditionally gaali is permanent feature of this city and we can't imagine a perfect bhopali without lots of gaalis. And if u asks any bhopali, why he is speaking gaali, he will reply innocently, ye bhi koi gaali hai khan. Makra gaali to hum tab dete the jab arjun singh langoti pahan ke bhankare isi jahangirpura ki galion main ghoomte the. Bhankare aap bhi kaisi baaten karne lage khan. Really he is not giving gaali to u or any other, he is just talking to u with his own style. Forgive them and me yaar, if u can't tolerate this u will also unable to tolerate Bhopal and bhopalis.

Though in shole jawed akhter had depicted a real bhopali character Soorma bhopali, but he did dare to present him a gaali speaking real bhopali man. And minus gaali soorma bhopali is real representative of bhopalis. His style of talking. 'Bhopal hota to hum aapko eyeshe hi jale bheejwa deete.' or 'hamara naam bhi sooram bhopali eyesha nahi hai.' Or 'jane kahan-kahan se aa jate hain. khud to koyee kaam he nahi miya. So jhooth humse bulwa lete hain.' A permanent gappi, lyrical, ek jhatake main palat jaane wala. Though every village of India declared itself that they are the farmer of gapp. But bhopalis are true gappi, because he always objects to be called a gappi or batolebaaj with smile of face.
There is example of a bhopali sher.
keise-keise aese waese ho gaye.
aese waese keise-keise ho gaye.
For batolebaaji they had developed a practice to make ratjaga (sleepless night). In summer they generally sleep at 3 o'clock. Till that they sit in front of closed shop and talk and talk and talk. This is their Patiyabaaji (Sit on patiya and talk at night). In old Bhopal u can see all street and road rising till 3 am. Men, women, girls, boys all are sitting, walking, talking. Even chaat-pakauda and ice cream seller are moving there. I was astonished to know that bhopali family like to visit film in night show and they prefer to purchase vegetables at night on 11 pm. Once in my advertising class I objected how could women prefer night show, my teacher declared me ridicules. They couldn't think for a bihari like me that was how much astonishing. There is free and secured environment for girls. They could do every think at night freely, without any help of her family member.

It is also not well known that about begums' ware ruling on Bhopal for around two hundred years. They had also left some effect on the culture of Bhopal. In Bhopal there is a large population of eunuchs. They are living in a separate colony and much wealthy then general middle class family. They are using car and reserved three-wheeler.

Bhopal is not only city of lakes, this could call city of garden and mosque too. After Dhaka Bhopal has largest number of mosque in Asia. U can get here verities of non-veg food items. chicken tikka, chicken kabab, paye da soop, seek kabab. Every item u gets from prestigious restaurant to roadside thelas. Rainy season of bhopal is unforgettable. We were always enjoying this. We went for outing on bikes. That is Bhopal which taught me 'jo maja bheegne main hai, wo kisi aur main kahan.' Not only this Bhopal had taught me lots of things. As ur own happiness is not important till they are not happy who lives with and near to u. Fight for good cause not for good wealth. When a man smiles for u, u achieves every thing. Bhopal gave me a shape, before going there I was just raw mineral. A big loan of Bhopal is upon me. I have to remember this for whole life. Luckily bhopalis are always calling me they love me a lot. Ashok bhai is always ready to receive me in front of habibganj station (he has a shop there.). Home of ravi (my friend), sadhnaji (a social worker and my didi), Manjoor ehtesham (grate writer & my guru too), Indu (my friend), kartik bhai (a social worker but for me a real friend) are always open for me. They can't let me live with my own brother chandan. They are always calling me to settle there with a promise they will search a better job for me there. I can't forget stone slab at shibu chaywala, where we spent around whole day smoking and drinking tea. mamu's canteen, where girl friends were always ready to feed us on her own cost. Hall of E-2/28 where we spent a lot of time during rehearsal of plays. My own home E-8/41. Door of this home didn't closed at night too. This was 24-hour open hungama cell, with lots of ho-halla. Neighbors were always predicting for we are criminals of any politician. 3 or 4 of us always awake there, either read or do hungama. At 2 o'clock ravi come and hit me, compale me to rise and share the experience of central chronicle where he was working then. Every night Birendra chaudhary was waiting for blue films on cable & his class met jayant das, rahan kayan & abhishek prashad were teasing him. abhishek rajan was sitting on his computer whole night. Pashupati, Manish and I all of us were early sleeping species. These all names are written on the wall of E-8/41. The house of sajid ali. How could he tolerate us my god. And how could birender chaudhary tolerate his wife this is also unpredictable.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

attack on my colleague

Date- 24 march 2006
Place- Bhagalpur, Bihar

This is the story of attack on media, cruelty of a doctor, insensitiveness of administration, careless approach of some senior media persons, courageous steps of our editor and my steps I don't know whether it is right or wrong.


Shashi shankar, the photographer of our newspaper (Hindustan) get the information about an income tax Reid occurring at Jiwandeep nursing home at khanjarpur area. When he reached there he saw some persons are beating the officers of income tax in front of that nursing home. They might be staff or paid gundas of that nursing home. He didn't control himself after seeing that peculiar incident and captured all that in his camera. But when they (gundas) had seen all this they catch Shashi and snatch his camera. After loosing his camera shashi called his city in charge Deepak upadhyay and some other co-worker. Within 5 to 10 minutes deepak reached there with Dilip, Rajeev sidharth, Tarun and Dipak mishra. They all were very excited and angry. But gundas of that doctor were also in mood of aar ya paar. They attacked on them. Some of my colleagues succeeded to save him and flew away, but deepak upadhyay and shashi caught. They beat them very cruelly with rod, danda and patther. Between this incident shashi had called the SP of Bhagalpur and said him about the occurrence. But u would astonish to know that our police reached there after two hours of incident. When many of media persons reached there, they admitted both of injured in hospital. They jammed the road in support of their colleague.


25 march 2006

Though agitation starts from that evening against this brutal act but that was unorganized and self motivated with an agenda, leadership and work plan. On next morning we gathered at ghantaghar chouk of city. Around 100 reporters are reached there at sit in ghantaghar campous to condemn that brutality and fight for their co-worker. They are from Hindustan, Dainik jagran, Aaj, Hindustan times, Times of india, Aaj tak, Sahara samay, Star news, local cable TV channels, Prabhat khabar, some Urdu newspaper, weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines and some freelancer too. I had overwhelmed to see the crowed in our support. They left their rivalry of circulation in that time. We sited there and planned the agenda of agitation. After some discussion we decided to go near district magistrate in shape of rally. Say him to suspend the doctor, arrest him and his supporters and also punish the faulty policemen. And rally started. We have takhtees made by vinay tarun and some of us were chanting slogans against that doctor and police administration. We reached at kachahari gate. After some time dm reached there and called five of us to talk with him.

Before going to talk with dm, we had planned our strategies. What to do if talk failed, a question arise.
There was lot of confusion. I said to our representative if u will back with one result we will back. And if there is no result we have to sit here in front of collectriate until we get solution. And all us agreed on that stand. But after one and half hour-long talk they returned they have only promises. Dm said them that he will do something within 48 hours. And our representative was in mood to return from there and wait for two days. Suddenly arguments started. Many of us were thinking our representative had not pressurized dm forcefully. Suddenly I had announced, if u all is not ready to sit here on dharna, I would start my personal dharna here from now until we get any result. And I sited there on earth and some of my enthusiastic co-work also sited in my favor.

After this suddenly many of my co-workers were pressurizing me to cancel my agitation. That time I didn't follow their problem. But today it is clear, that time my decision proved all of them wrong. They were not in position to sit with me, so they had only one agenda compale me to leave dharna. But I was confident about my decision and very calm. I said all of them to do me what I have decided. I had cleared that it is not a traditional dharana; it is just waiting for justice. Till any result I have to sit there from 10 to 5 daily. At evening I will be on work in my office. (My office timing is 6 to 2 at night). And I did it. Some of my senior colleague also said about our company policy that they don't like a revolutionary type worker and my decision will harmful for me. But it didn't work.

Murder case

At around 2 pm a bad news spreading between us that a patient of that docter's nursing home died has filed a case against some of us. That was height of every thing. At that time we have nothing in the name of justice and they had hitted us one more time. Though we understand that this case was filed to compaled us for compromise, but at the same time we felt us helpless. Some of us went to court for bringing the abject detail of cases. After returning from there they said that there is two cases against Shashi, Deepak upadhyay, Deepak mishra, Tarun and 15 unknown reporters of Hindustan. First is murder case and 2nd case of robbery.

In my office.

After this incident when i return to work in my office, there was usual excitement. Though some of my senior had declared that, the sole responsibility to ruin the aandoland is goes upon me. It was my jid that destroyed the whole strategies of struggle. But many of us (especially youth) had admired my step. khair these were part of struggle and several times I had faced this. Attempt to describe about my office is not about these clarification. Here I am telling u about real struggle of journalist. From first day my editor had allotted top box of 8 columns on page 1 for this incident. And till doctor has suspended and warrant issued against his he wrote his column PRASANGWASH daily. In his column he wrote about insincerity of police & administration, about dangerous life of a reporter and careless approach of govt against us. Appeal to cm, mp, mla, ima and other social group for giving support to us. About cruelty of that doctor who had distorted the dead body of an old man for using him like a weapon. And though we have struggled from road to chamber of govt officials. But according to my opinion the whole & sole credit of wining this struggle goes to firing pen of that man. And it is not chamachgiri.
Here I also want to say few words about weekly supplement Pratibimb preparation of which is my duty. On 30th march issue of pratibimb we had prepared page one on the issue of Abhivyakti Ke Khatre. Our reguler contributer Dr. yogendra wrote Main article of this issue. Who had written the whole incident and in sensitive approach of govt, doctor and buddhijiwi of our town. He concluded his article with the line of muktibodh, Abhivakti Ke Khatare to uthane hi honge. My colleague ashok sharma described the danger of our life. vishal wrote about the feeling of learned peoples of our town. And I in my article Satyam-Apriyam written about the tendency of govt, politician, administration and other responsible persons that they can't bear one truth but always trying to persuade us to published thousand of false news in favor of them.
Something about reporter of banka manoj upadhyay also. Dr. nk yadav had posted in banka district. After this incident he went there and wants to make his attendance of 24th April. That attendance could save his life and we might prove work. But after listen about this case manoj had flawed his co-worker at this hospital. His co-worker has described everything to the resident of that village where he had posted. Fortunately villagers are also annoyed upon him due to his regular absentee. They didn't sleep whole night and when doctor had come they didn't let him enter in the hospital. Manoj had also sent some interesting stories about doctor and that hospital.
From our entire center of kosi, santhal and purv bihar we get overwhelming support from reporter and local organization too.
Support of local organization was also tremendous. About 150 latter of support had come to office that day, through various organization of Bhagalpur.

Third day. What to do?

26 march, 2006

After rising on third day confusion had captured me that did I go there at sit on dharana or give up everything, because these are not much serious, it may be my personal ego. But soon I recovered from this situation. An interesting idea prevents me (as usual). I decided I must go there, sit on dharna(because i had decided this and I should follow my one words) but in different manner. Keep a cartoon, call vishal who had given a word to me that he is always with me and went on kachahari. On the way we purchased color paper, blade, cello tape, marker, cardboard, blank paper and some pen. Covered the cartoon with color paper and give it the shape of ballet box. Written on card board-
hamara sath dein.
patrakaron par hamle ke khilaf mukhyamantri ke naam patra likhen
aur is box main dalen.
(Support us. write a letter to cm against attack on journalist and drop in this box)
And we sitted on the varandah of bajaranjwaki mandir before kachahari gate. And usually this idea also clicks and we grab public support and attention too. Though peoples are coming very slowly due to Sunday but every one who is passing through that way had seen our board and must think about our topic.
Soon some of my colleague reached there and sit with us. And after that it takes the shape of rituals.
But everything is not so easy. Someone had described it with lot of mirchi to my editor. He rings me and says what I am doing is not fair, and I have to give support to press clubs struggle. I said him; I don't about the struggle of press club's struggle. Are they struggling for us? They are engage in just talks and soft politics. I am afraid how can they get a positive result. Though my editor convinced with me but said support them what they want to do. And he was right strategically.
On afternoon, press club called a meeting on this issue at nihar hotel. As vishal describe that move of press club was due to our pressure. And he proved right, though that meeting started with the agenda of attack on reporters but soon concentrated on our move and style of struggle.
That was our success. About 80 present of participator had agreed on hard action and strong move. They refused the policy of soft conversation and compale the leader of press club for strong agitation. They also supported my idea and said me to continue this.
Day end at five pm. we return with plan that tomorrow we have to sit on dharana with full straight. That was decided in our meeting.

Day four- dharana and some success

27 march 2006

When we reached at dharna(at the same place where we sited last day at bajarangwali mandir) there a tent was skiing. About on hundred journalist and other persons gathered there. They ware sitting on dari with a banner of protest. I also sit with them put my box in front of dharana and after some time dharana was officially start. And soon we get some positive result. Dm reached there and said that the doctor was suspended and post mortem reported of that old man which was so called murdered by our colleague resulted in natural death. And a warrant against that doctor had issue and he will arrest soon.
But that didn't occurred due to positive approach of dm. soon we get information from bihar vidhan sabha where mla of sonversa kishor kumar munna had raised this incident and cm said- chief secretary is supervising this case and if local administration failed to give justice a capable officer will sent there. That was real work force behind local administrations fast steps.

But this is not end.

Doctor suspended. Warrant issued but flewed and arresting was not occurred. Post mortem was in favor of us but case was not raised. And after that game of pressure stated. And by this we realized the real guts of that doctor. Soon every powerful person of town was start persuading us to raise the case against him and make compromise. shashi, deepak and other victim were getting threat through gang leaders of our town. Some of them get worried and start compaling our editor to made compromise. Our editor too gets pressure but that man shows guts, and wrote everything in our paper. 3rd April was decided for big rally of all the journalist of koshi, santhal and purv bihar region. Till that day ima representative, deputy mayor and politician were coming to our office regularly. But stand of our editor was clear. Doctor is faulty let him withdraw case first, after that we will decide what we have to do. And that determination gave us straight to stand.

3rd April: rally

About 300 journalist of koshi, purv bihar and sathal(20 districts) gathered at Bhagalpur station with their banner. Rally started with enthusiasm. Last evening opponent party had ready to withdraw case and a copy of his BAYAN sent by us for him. We were crying slogan in cheering mood. After all we had won half of the battle. We reached at commissioner gave him our memorandum (prepared by me) and return beck.

Success: day after

On 4th morning we get happiest result of that incident. Doctor surrendered.

But there is some bad situation too. He admitted in icu and his supporter is coming on road describing us villain of whole incident. Let it after all we won. Now we retain the guts to write truth against any one. But my editor is not satisfied from this. He is inquiring about the doctor who declared the faulty doctor ill.