Friday, May 26, 2006

aur bhi gam hain jamane main...

Reservation..reservation every where, where could anyone hide himself from the attack of these debate. Are yaar, aur bhi gam hain jamane main reservation ke siwa. Tell me one negative effect of mandal 1. we have seen much more debate, demonstration and frustration at that time and today after those reservation we are in more comfortable position then the generation of seventies(who hadn't seen such huge reservation but faced the real problem of unemployment). Though at that time vp singh had announce reservation for all jobs, today what arjun singh has declared is just part of those declaration. reservation in iim, iit and medical collages are not those issue which could effect the future of our country.
This is that time when we have to bother about foreign investors who are able to collapse our share market (so called life line of our rising economy) in even few hours. we have to discuss about the policies of investment. we should talk about wheat crop. since we have good crop of wheat this year government has exported wheat. we should talk about nuxalite problem which is spreading in about almost all eastern and south eastern India. we should talk about the man Babulal Miranda, being a politician he is doing a different type of job. he has left his party & membership of parliament. And he hasn't any desire to collapse the government of his competitor arjun munda. he has declared that at least six month he wants to work among people. wants to establish a regional political party and after that he wants to challenge government. This is the guts to oppose someone and create something. we have to discuss about Bihar panchayat election by which large number(50 percent) of female representative will selected and work for there panchayat for five years. This is also reservation and we haven't seen any politician(so called dirty) fighting against this. there is also reservation for sc/st and obc. this will left more(much-much) effect on future of our country.
That was the reason I myself felt unable to tolerate the silly angers & tears of cosmopolitan anti-reservationists. For me this is the game of arjun singh type politician and let them play with his co-politicians. There for let me pardon for my statement

aur bhi gam hain jamane main...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Doctors in road politics

It is astonishing fact that concept of mandal 1 was opposed by general mass of forward class, while concept of mandal 2 has opposed by ex. student of premier institute, those wouldn't get effected through this decision. Is it a normal kind of protest or purposely backed by some one to draw attention? Why a common young of general class is not on the road against this decision, whoes future is effected most through this decision.
And doctors are acting like sadak chhaap political workers. They don't know how to struggle, even they don't know what is good cause for struggle. Struggling for self interest is not struggling for right. U have words and u know how to argu. There is media which represent ur feelings (gave u much more space then pro reservation activists ). U could express ur feeling through dharna, anshan and pradarshan. Then why u r opting the way of hungamebaaji. By this u r only helping the motive of Arjun singh, who is always trying to mislead the mass. That couldn't expected from learned doctors (they became toy of arjun singh). If doctors r serious about international proposition of our country (as to be said ), at first they have to stop fighting on road. Actually they are being used by Arjun Singh and his team for their political purpose. This is not a movement which took place from mass. If u asked them why they are doing like this, they couldn't explain. Even they haven't any agenda, they have only logics, which they get through media. May be this is prestige issue for them. But this not the movement based on the question of their life and death. Institution of public sector is not our future, free market policy will find their way itself. If iim and iit will fail to give right kind of human resource some other institute would take place to fill the scarcity. If ur fighting for better India then this is totally confused movement and if u got charm through these activity then this will good picnic for u. Because as I think here arjun singh is the man who is fighting for both side. Through his announcement he wants to capture the attention of backward caste, try to irritate opposition and secured his place in government. And through anti-reservation movement he could show the world that though being a good heart, he is unable to implement his idea. We have seen mandal 1 and learned reservation couldn't able to stop merit. At present we have more meritorious person on top then at 1995. Reservation is that type of agenda which became stronger by every opposition, opposition is that sanjiwani by which reservation is alive after such a long period.
Though I am in fever of reservation. Because reservation is for social justice not for economical and any other type of inequality. What type of injustice had done by forward caste upon sc/st/obc and women, They have to pay for this. If government is giving them opportunity and other benefit that is only saving us from forward-backward conflict. If we don't give them these opportunity then we have to ready for conflict.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Burden of cruelty : Ek Chithara Sukh

Like many other things books has also there on time and situation, if that suits to reader its magic works. That is the reason I had left some books I first sitting and declared them boring. But after months and years when I took them it impress me. And that impression lasts long. With me this happen many times. For me Aag ka dariya was unrealistic drama, shekhar ek jeewani was story of self pity and jhootha sach a traditional story and I left all of them by reading 20 or 30 pages and when time rips for them and I read them they fascinate me totally.

Story of Ek chithara sukh (by Nirmal Verma) is something different. Just before 5 year I read this book till last page and it impress me a little. I had declared it an average book of Niramal Verma among my friends and the romantic We Din was my favorite. Now a days I am reading Ek chithara... again and feeling its actual magic. I could feel the helplessness of bitti when she asks to his cousin, 'agar main beemar hoon to?' (to rukoge na... ), bitterness of that girl (sister of darry),'we sirf apne aap ko dhokha dete hain'. I could feel the situation of darry who had worked in bihar for equality in his young days, everyone tries to recognize him through this label; but he wants to left his identity associated with young days. Bitti who has left his home and came to Delhi to do something and feels she had done nothing. A girl era who has left England and came India for her love nitti bhai and nitti bhai is married man with children. Bitti loves darry and for darry theater is single thing which he loves. All of them are helpless and loaded with burden of cruelty. They are engage in a drama and they meet with each other in its rehearsal. They love each other and harm too with the cruelty of their own failure. And munnu, the narrator watch them with a distance, who is cousin of bitti and living with her. He is seriously ill.

Though name of this novel is ek chithara sukh but it is about dukh. Here niramal verma wants to read the face of sorrow, as sister of darry says to munnu have u ever seen the face of dukh, when I see the face of ur cousin bitti I think this is actual face of dukh. After reading this novel ranking of nirmal verma rose in my view. Now I like to count him among dostoevasky, chekhov, kamoo and markhej. He was chekhov of our time. I want to read him again and again.

Monday, May 15, 2006

And he is eating roti with salt & water.

govindpur again

For local government of bhagalpur there is nothing behind the story of hunger & death. For them our newspaper is deliberately creating hungama.
kiran devi suicieded with her three child due to regular quarrel with his husband and she possessed bad character. And that story ends and what about mattu das, who died last day. collector saheb didn't need to say any thing on this issue. Some of our reporter went to govindpur and return beck some horrible story. There is a man brihaspati das, who has lost his both legs because he hasn't money for treatment and now he with his mentally disturbed wife and two daughter are living with almost no income. There is butel das who used to eat roti with salt-water. What about rojgar guaranty scheme, antyoday and annpoorna yojana and other beneficiary scheme. And what about that judgment of supreme court, in which he said- if there is a death from hunger, district government will responsible for this. Then who will responsible for govindpur.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Once again Govindpur

On 28th April I have written a post about suicide of a women and her three children of govindpur Bhagalpur. In that case our collector has declares that a case of family dispute and our doctors have proved she has some food grain in her belly. At that time I have written a story in my newspaper that may collector saves him by using his intelligent brain, but what could he do when there will another similar case took place. Because condition of govindpur is not normal, villagers are facing extreme degree of poverty. Many of them are use to sleeping for weeks with hunger. And I have to with deep sorrow that I have proved right one more person died last night due to hunger and there is a natural death. That means even after lots of 'hangaman' government has not taken any initiative for this. Here I want to recall the line of mark tulle.
Government is not solution of any problem, it is a problem itself.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Read my poems

This is first time that my poems has published on a literary magazine. This is a web based magazine Anubhuti. I want to share this with u. Please visit on -

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Poems of wislawa szymborska

This polish poet is very important for me. Her lines has changed my of thinking. She is so soft to touch and so pinning to ignore. Here is some of her lines, which i like most. It is in hindi translated by vijaya ahluwalia.

O wani, khafa na hona
ki maine tujhse udhar liye
chattano se bhari shabd
fir ta-jindagi unhe tarashti rahi
is koshish main
ki we paron se halke lagen.
Mera yakeen hai inkaar karne ki takat main
Mera yakeen hai kamyabi ka rasta chhodne walon main,
Mera yakeen hai barson ki barbad mehnat main.

Mera yakeen hai ek mahan khoj main
Mera yakeen hai us aadmi main jo yah khoj karega.
Beeti huyee muhabbaton, maaf karna mujhe
ki main har naye pyar ko
pahala pyar manti rahi;
apne gharon ko phoolon se sajaati rahi
jab ki door kahin morche aag ugal rahe the.
Barson se ris rahe ghawon se anjaan
main apni ungaliyon ki jara si chubhan se ro padi.
Ek din kisi ne yoon hi
baaton-baaton main le liya tha tumhara naam
aurmujhe laga kamare main gulab hi gulab khil uthe hon.
Agle din tum mere saath the
aur meri najar anayas ghari par pad rahi thi.
sare gulab na jane kab patthar ban gaye the.
Main nahi chahati ki laharon ka jhaag
mere ishare par ubhare aur doob jaye,
main nahi chahti ki jangle mere liye apne rang badale
--- kabhi hara, kabhi neela, kabhi bhoora hota chala jaye.

Main ji chuki hoon
Tumhare bin--- tumhare baad bhi.
itna jyada jee chuki hoon
ki door khade dekh sakoon
sab kuch ko
nirlipt aur nissang.
Jeev-jantu hamesha ochhi maut marte hain
Taki hamare man ki shanti bhang na ho
we swargwasi anhi hote, sirf mar jate hain.
we apne peechhe bahut chhoti si duniya.
Saugaat main kuch nahi milta
Jo bhi hai karj hai
sir se pairtak karj main doobe hain hum.
Apne astitwa ka karj chukana hai
swatwa dekar,
Jindagi ke liye jaan deni hogi.
Deh kee awmanna nahi hai
wah kewal neend main aayegi
jaise use aana chahiye
dabe pairon.

gulabon se bhi komal maut.

hamesha maun rahegi
pankhudi ke girane se bhi halaki
jab aayegi
tab tum sapana dekh rahe hoge
ki ab tumhe saans lene ki jaroorat nahi.
swasheen khamoshi andhere ka sangeet hai
bujhati huyee chingari ki lay ka hissa.
Badla kuch bhi nahi.
deh aaj bhi kaapti hai usi tarah
jaise kaapti thi
rome ke basne se pahle aur baad
isha ke bees sadi pahle aur baad
yatnayen wahi ki wahi hain
sirf dharati sikur gayi hai
kahin bhi kuch hota hai
to lagta hai hamare pados main hua hai.
hamne socha tha ki
akhirkaar khuda ko bhi
ek achchhe aur takatwar insan main
bharosa karna hoga
lekin afsos
is sadi main insan achchha aur takatwar
ek saath nahi ho saka.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Heroes or salesman

Sachin tendulkar
Amitabh bachchan
Mahendra singh dhoni
Sania mirja
Aishwarya rai
Sahrukh khan
Amir khan
virendra sehwag
irfan pathan

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shamshan Main Killol

(Laughter at funeral point)

Date- 28-29 April 2006
Time- 11 pm to 3 am

A mini bus reached at Manihari ghat (a famous funeral point of our region.) with one tata sumo and one bolero. A dead body was on the top of mini bus and three young man were also upon the top of bus. One of them was pushyamitra which is writing about this. That dead body was of his own paternal grand mother. We have reach there after 98 km long and tough journey. For me it was additional of around 100 km (distance between Bhagalpur and my village dhamdaha). A sad news, haphazard planning, lots of labor and ceremony of funeral and a dip at ganga in night. In general condition, anyone of us hasn't opt that. But we had to do all this and we were mentally prepared for that. But...

I have nothing to say about either my grand mother of her funeral process. Because there is nothing special in it for u. But, something I felt very special at that night. During whole funeral process all of us was in very jolly mood. Chatting, making jokes, teasing to someone, giggling and enjoying whole process. And we haven't any guilt for doing this where everyone expected to be serious and silent. Not even any old person had restricted us by doing this. I don't know but I felt we were not wrong.

Though, At that time this was not in my mind but it is very remarkable comment of famous writer nirmal verma upon death. Death is nothing but a process of unoccuping himself, by this any of ur relative wouldn't feel any sorrow by putting you on chita. Being 93 years old had she participated in this process or everything happens with her automatically I don't know. But anyone of us was not in deep sorrow for her.

Most important happenings of that night was the fearlessness among us. on that black night there was not a single man (even Dom) at that unknown ghat. we putted our feats several times on bones and residue of another dead body. we have also a dead body with us. But we have never thought about fear. Even after funeral when we had taken bath in that unknown river at 2 am. Where had gone that very familiar fear. And after that we had taken dinner at a hotel around one km from river bank after arousing hotel owner. And we said him that we were interested to cut his hand and take it to our village, because u have prepared a good meal. Actually he had prepared worst kind of food. I have proud on my villagers, because they have guts to share jokes with even ghosts.